Sports and/or Relaxation?

  • Racquetball court
  • Dart room
  • Snooker table
  • Three pitch-and-putt golf greens
  • Unique sports bar (have to see it to believe it!)
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Gazebo overlooking the valley
  • Music room with fireplace
  • One-room-school library
  • Outdoor heated spa and nearby waterfalls

Mountain Biking

Frozen Dog Digs is built into the foothills above the fruit orchards three miles east of the city limits. Lazy country roads lead west to downtown and its quaint antique stores, groomed city park, and island sports complex. Two miles north of the Digs is Black Canyon Dam and Reservoir with its parks and picnic areas. The road east from the Digs is paved to the top of the foothills then turns into a well-maintained dirt road all the way to Montour and Horseshoe Bend. The road wanders on the south side of the reservoir through farm country, open range land, and a wildlife bird sanctuary in Montour. One can leave the dirt road at Montour and circle back to the Digs on the main highway on the north side of the reservoir.

Sports Bar Area

The 5' x 10' snooker/pool table in the downstairs sports room and the racquetball court in the middle level were influential in the owner's design of the main house. Sports memorabilia from all over the world are tastefully displayed, and unique sports-related furnishings like a ball-in-glove chair fit to the decor. The owner, who is pictured in the above photo beside the bike rack, played and coached baseball, football, and basketball in the United States, and during his four-year teaching odyssey around the world he played rugby in the Outback of Australia, coached high school basketball in New Zealand, and was humbled by the local English pub darts champion in England.